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Nano-Scale Endurance Race for 36 Hrs | CNRS.FR

...Though the cars can only be 100 atoms in size—every racing league has its rules—teams are free to design them however they think is ideal. Some work like tiny windmills, while others roll on four reels like the human-scale race cars we’re more familiar with...

Spinach Leaf turned to Human Heart Muscle | Worcester Polytechnic Institute

...Scientists have found a way to use spinach to build working human heart muscle, potentially solving a long-standing problem in efforts to repair damaged organs...

| Chaos – Entropy – Diversity |

Harmony & Chaos

Classical Mechanics;
We have a system; Regular System
The system lives in place & time. This system has state A and cause it s regular system, next state will be state B, then state C & so on.
That s because when we have left, we also have right.
Time1 will change to time2 and etc.
100% predictable.

Quantum Mechanics;
We have a system; … system!
The system lives in …! This system has state A and next state will be state…!
We suppose left so we have down! Time1 will change to …, never mind!
100% nothing to say!
BUT It s Origin of Universe.
Completely Chaotic.

There is no rule to limit states so they change faster. These changing of states refer to Entropy and so more data. What will you create with 100KB of data?
What will you do with 100MB of data?
Diversity in Nature comes from Chaos; Dynamic System.

Beautiful flowers are completely chaotic/Asymmetric system with fractal geometry.
Imagine so beautiful forest, with sounds of birds, music of waterfall, long trees & etc.
Now think about; Where is Symmetry?
NO Symmetry at all.
You will enjoy with that forest but you will see crowded forest, full of chaotic sounds from movement of leaf, sounds of air and etc.
Chaotic Sound + Chaotic Movement
It means two chaotic (irregular) systems have communications and these communications means Harmony/Beauty.
But I Should say, these communications are also chaotic.
State A of forest will change to state X!

Sometimes we can study very small part of system and predict what will happen in future for it. Like some behaviors of animals. We can find few symmetrical frames.

It means Universe is Chaotic/Asymmetric Originally & Generally.

-          To be continue…

| Heaven - Soul - Death |

Note on Beyond!  

After Dead Life?!
There s no life after dead.
Cause life means eating, sleeping, breathing  & Growing up!
And there is no growing and improving in Heaven.
As un-scientific reports had said; In the heaven you can find good foods/fruits, normal weather & some female creature for men to have sex and maybe male creature for women.
The Question is; what else?!
If there is lots of prophets and etc with high knowledge & we will free to communicate with them and this might be important... But what is their knowledge value and importance when you cannot improve  & grow more?
What will happen for all human achievement?

(2014: Is there any LTE coverage in heaven to use my smartphone?
what about 4K-TV and gaming consoles?)

& what about all sports? Is there any place to play basketball?
Or any music instruments there!?
On Earth eating, sleeping, breathing and have sex are not entertainment. There are instinct of human and it means human have to do these. (Some pre-installed root Apps that no one can remove them!)

And God will take our brains in Heaven to prevent our improvement and force us to forget what we developed. so we will just behave according to our pre-installed Apps.

Something Terribly Wrong in Heaven!

And another thing... What will go to Heaven? the Body or Soul(Ghost)?
In theory it s possible to reconstruct whole body after disintegrated (By restoring whole data). Again as Un-Scientific reports had said; In the End (Day of Judgment/resurrect day) God will resurrect all people & after judgment people will send to heaven/hell. So It means our body will go to heaven! but what about Soul?! The Un-scientific sources had said Body was not alive until God did blow or sent something into body. something from himself, called Soul. So God will re-send souls to bodies to resurrect people.  This means Soul is depend on Body & Body needs Soul! Like ElectroMagnetic Fields That are not effective until get shape or contract with body.
So what is Soul?!
Is soul something from beyond the Nature?
something separate of human body? something to control human?!
There is lots of description about soul But How can we prove existence of soul?

Shake your hand - Close your eyes & fly to another place-space-time (Dreaming) - Ask someone to cut your hand! and after that you will feel still have your hand but you don't!
In an experiment scientists scanned body of human and find a halo like thing all over the body. Human Ghost! Evidence for Soul!
You can find lots of experiments about holographic body. someone call it Soul and others call it Field. And I Should say Bio-ElectroMagnetic Field.
Another Description is talking about predictions; Seeing an event in future (Dreaming) and then it happen exactly what you expect.

And for All of These I should say Information Processing.
There is no Biological explanation for them But our Brain is processing center and it means gathering data, mix & result. (Mechanism of Processing)
So No need for un-scientific word & description for new phenomena.

Nature is All about Information |

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| Information – Dark Energy – Universe |

Information & Universe 

After Finding Dark matter physicists discovered Dark Energy.
Dark Matter; unknown source of matters that cause more gravity force than visible-known matters.
Dark Energy; unknown source of energy that cause more anti-gravity force than visible-known energy.
And also before those they found Black-holes.
Black-Hole; very strong (infinite) gravity-force based on high (infinite) density of known-visible matters.

Then as always they tried to impute something to these discoveries based on earlier theories.
They proposed some particles based on Elementary particles theory and special strings based on string theory. They discovered some particles like neutrinos & bosons But strings are still just hypothesis.
They began with this kind of suggestion; Black String, Black Particle or dark particles or mass-les particles & … then they fall into hyper-dimensions to describe more their particles or strings.

But How about Information?
Dark Energy, dark matter, black hole and lots of other things from electron to super-novas may invisible for us IF we study them based on Particle physics or String theory but all of them are visible if we study their bits and be able to decode them correctly. There is not always direct way to receive bits and decode them so we should try to find new method of observation and decoding.
-          Are the Bits of Dark matters need to be dark or black?

In different scale we have different basic element.
If we observe an apple we will talk about molecules and in scale of molecules we will talk about atoms.
And in scale of elementary particles we suppose strings of energy as basis of them. And nothing for basis of strings…
-          Let do it again;
If we observe an apple we will talk about its structure and decoding its information.
There s no scale and even no time for information, Bits are always there.

If we don’t know what is exactly information we know at least it has properties of the most basic element of universe. No place, No space, No time, No scale, No dimension, No nothing ! it has everything. Information can be in all of those part but won’t get any effect. No change.
But all diversity are based on it that can make the most complex structure like human body OR Dark Energy & etc.

To be continue…

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| Information – Harmony – Improvement | UbI1

Unification by Information

Description of Music & Physics;
|| Music has a remarkable ability to affect and manipulate how we feel. Simply listening to songs we like stimulates the brain’s reward system, creating feelings of pleasure and comfort. But music goes beyond our emotions to our minds, shaping how we think. Scientific evidence suggests that even a little music training when we’re young can shape how brains develop, improving the ability to differentiate sounds and speech.
With education funding constantly on the rocks and tough economic times tightening many parent's budgets, students often end up with only a few years of music education. Studies to date have focused on neurological benefits of sustained music training, and found many upsides. For example, researchers have found that musicians are better able to process foreign languages because of their ability to hear differences in pitch, and have incredible abilities to detect speech in noise.
Music training had a profound impact on the way the study subject's brains responded to sounds. The people who had studied music even if only for a few years, had more robust neural processing of the different test sounds. Most importantly, though, the adults with music training were more effective at pulling out the fundamental frequency, or lowest frequency sound, of the test noises. The ability to differentiate fundamental frequencies is critical for perceiving speech, and is an integral part of how we recognize and process sounds in complex and noisy environments. Thus childhood music instruction has strong linguistic benefits and improves performance on everyday listening tasks. Music even seems to improve social development, as people believe music helps them to become better team players and have higher self-esteem.
The relationship between mathematics and music (vibrations of sound waves) is well known and in hindsight it is obvious that mathematics, math physics, music (sound of waves) and musical instruments exist because matter is a wave structure of Space. This is why all matter vibrates and has a resonant frequency.
Music, either performing it or listening to it has the power to enhance some kinds of higher brain function, spatial reasoning tasks, which are generally processed by the brain's right hemisphere, involve the orientation of shapes in space. Such tasks are relevant to a wide range of endeavors, from higher mathematics and geometry to architecture, engineering, drawing and playing chess.
One particular study showed that when groups of first graders were given music instruction that emphasized sequential skill development and musical games involving rhythm and pitch, after six months, the students scored significantly better in math than students in groups that received traditional music instruction.
The effect of music on math sometimes termed the Mozart effect. The Mozart effect gain its name after the discovery that listening to Mozart's compositions, which is very sequential, produces a short-termed enhancement of spatial-temporal reasoning. Some key reasoning features used in spatial temporal reasoning are
1. The transformation and relating of mental images in space and time
2. Symmetries of the inherent cortical firing patterns used to compare physical and mental                 images and
3. Natural temporal sequences of those inherent cortical patterns.
The spatial-temporal reasoning is crucial in math. The areas of math that require ST reasoning are geometry and certain aspects of calculus, which require transformations of images in space and time. In higher mathematics, the ability to write mathematical proofs is also associated with ST reasoning because proof writing is a task that requires intuitive sense of natural sequences and the ability to think ahead several steps.
Ask students how much they listen to music today. It’s certainly more than they spend reading or writing. And they listen to music while they are on Facebook, Google+, twitter & etc. That’s a powerful combination.
Albert Einstein dreamed of finding what he called a Unified Theory. By that he meant a single idea, a single principle, maybe even a single equation that might describe everything in the universe. He worked long and hard many decades to try to find the theory and he never did. Since his passing many physicists haven take up where he left off and many of us believe then an approach called String Theory may be the Unified Theory that he was looking for. And the basic idea of the unified description of all matter is pretty straightforward. If you take any piece of material, say a piece of wood, cut it in half, cut it in half again, keep on cutting it to ever smaller pieces, the basic question is what’s the smallest piece that you get to?
 Now we all know if you cut fine enough you get molecules, if you cut them up, you get atoms, if you cut them up even further you get other particles, electrons going around the nucleus with neutrons and protons, even though the neutrons and protons are smaller entities called quarks. The conventional idea stopped there. String Theory comes along and says There may be one more layer of structure: inside an electron, inside a quark, inside any particle you have heard of, according to these ideas, is a little tiny filament. Looks like a tiny little string, that’s why it’s called String Theory, and the little strings can vibrate in different patterns.
You can call it a middle C if you want, by the musical analogy, a quark could be a string vibrating at a different pattern like an A. So the difference between one particle and another is simply the note that its string is playing. And this is the unified description that this theory puts forward: everything can be reduced to the notes these fundamental strings are playing. Now that’s metaphorical. There’s math behind this, that allows us to see all of the key elements of physics can find a home in this description, but in a nutshell that’s what this theory says.
Art and science have intimate connections, although these are often underappreciated. Western music provides compelling examples. The sensation of harmony and related melodic development are rooted in physical principles that can be understood with simple mathematics. The focus of this review is not the better known acoustics of instruments, but the structure of music itself. The physical basis of the evolution of Western music in the last half millennium is discussed, culminating with the development of the 'blues'.
Several conclusions are made:  That music is axiomatic like mathematics and that to appreciate music fully listeners must learn the axioms; That this learning does not require specific conscious study but relies on a linkage between the creative and quantitative brain and that a key element of the musical 'blues' comes from recreating missing notes on the modern equal temperament scale. The latter is an example of art built on artifacts. Finally, brief reference is made to the value of music as a tool for teaching physics, mathematics and engineering to non-scientists.
Divorced from organized sound, music as a function of the brain can be seen as the ability to monitor interrelated and simultaneously changing systems. If there is no change, there is no perception of music. If the change is perceived as random, there is no sense of music. Only when we sense changes that are systematic do we sense music. Still, I’m not talking about music as that stuff we listen to I’m just talking about the perception of changing systems. For example, when we drive, we experience all the cars around us as simultaneously changing systems.
Seen in this way, music as a function of the brain is a necessary survival tool for the kind of animal we once were able to perceive multiple threats and opportunities. Like many of our essential skills, it also found form in a purer expression, organized sound.

Music is Physical.
It’s Sound and it has wave function so depend on functions and its parameters like energy, momentum, bits & etc it effects on human and generally on environment.
And it is algorithm of bits that called note in music.
The wave function of music sounds carry bits of information so actually it s bit that effect on human body. And that’s because of relevance between Structure and information. Information change structure < > new structure make new bits. So high quality music with high harmonic structure can be beneficial to grow up and help to think & etc But if music be just some regular sound without any difference can be wrecker. (Like some wrecker data file, called computer virus or malware …)
If there s no change so there s no new bit and no new structure >> improvement and evolution become meaningless.
It is vibration of string like new note, or better to say new data.
That u can suppose easily strings as string of data (bits) that change their shape and make new structure and then new bits (In Chaotic Dynamic System); New Particles, Waves, Forces…
So the GUT (Grand Unified Theory) is Information theory. 

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| Quantum Computer – Q.Encryption – Q.ErrorCorrection |

Quantum Information Realm 

Description of Quantum Computer
|| Introduction into the Qubit processing abilities and quantum error correction protocols of a quantum computer
The Advanced processing efficiency and software compatibility of a Quantum Computer has obtained the awe of many physicist and programmers for years since the introduction of Conjugate Coding by physicist Stephen Weisner in the 1970's that acts as an essential structure of the model matrices of the "Calderbank-Shor-Steane (CSS") and "Low Density Parity Check code" (LPDC) Quantum stabilizer coding that prevents decoherence that were to come from the super-positional  properties of the subatomic particles (Electrons/protons) inside of the stream of qubits becomes polarized inside of a confining magnetic Hyperfine structure (H= ub/Bo2 "electron" Gn/Un/Bo2 "nucleus" + Ao e/ 0 n "  interaction with hyperfine structure")   through entanglement of the particle's nucleus structure during a particle spin that were come from an electric quadrupole charge based from the symmetry of the particles dipole movement around the encompassing axis of the electric charge distribution of the nucleus's ellipsoid inside of the confining hyperfine structure utilizing the principals of the Bose-Eisenstein condensate of the spherical harmonic functions of the polar coordinates of the homeomorphic structure of the Qubit's bloch sphere that were to come from quantum noise (or Rabi Flopping that were to eliminate any atomic coherence) that occurs when a electron particle fluctuates at an optical frequency creating a spontaneous emission and collapse of the electron particle's eigenfunction within the Qubit inside of the structure of a Quantum Gate  ( a singular qubit or classical gate NOT-gate  {0}+B{1}/ a {1} + B {0} the Hadamard gate acts a medium to either polarize or to split the steam information between the position of the qubits pure state and mixed state based from unity matrices between the qubits superposition of a right circular and traverse (left to right ) polarized photons encoding 0 and 1  "pure state"( H{0}=1/2 (l 0} + l 1}) "mixed state" ( H{1}=1/2 (l0}-l 1}) )  the stream of the encoded information is transmitted by "alice and received by "bob" both "alice and bob" act as unitary operators  as well as provide orthogonal measurements of the Qubits eigenvalues and the rotational axis of the Qubit's particle spin within the density matrix  of the Qubit's blochsphere (following the assembly of the qubits being in a pure state when being transmitted by alice being "{0} + {1}/2 using the rotation formula of "Ry/-π2 amongst the X,Y and Z polar coordinates, when being received into a mixed state by bob) during the “Einstein- Podolsky- rosen” photon entanglement process between bob and alice using "Eve" as a quantum channel when transferring the encoded qubits that is generated into a lambda/2 or lambda/4  code that  projects the bosons and fermion pairs into a symmetrical bell state when the fermions and bosons become entangled amongst the transmission wavelength to modularly exponentiation (example of the computation of modular exponentiation when using the multiple of 40 in a left to right binary program would be 5/41 mod 9= {4547474735088646111895751953125} mod 9 and when calculating the algorithm into a right to left binary it would use the modulation multiple of 60 such as the calculation of the 3/61 being 3/61 mod 8 ={12717347825648619542883299603})  the bell pairs into a RSA inverse algorithm using the Euclidean algorithm (used within GCD programming) and  coprime integers  between bob and alice. The fermions and the bosons would have to tunnel through the hadamard gate  while "eve" acts as a QKG system (Quantum Key Generator that was purposed in 1984  by Charles Henry Bennett and Giles Brassard that is utilized within the BB84 ,BB92 and Ekert91 cryptographic protocols that uses the properties of the  Von Neumann measurement of the Pi and Qi stacks in unitary dynamics inside of the eigenvalue of the encoded Qubit) specifically if eve were to intercept  the QKG stream of data that is being transferred between the public channel of Bob and alice, Eve would have to be able to calculate the integer factorization of the transferring algorithm of the original qubit which the principals of the No-Cloning theorem (purposed in 1982 by William Wootters, Wojciech Hubert Zurek and Dennis Dieks) and Quantum non-locality of a particle can teleport based from the isomorphic structure of its unitary transformation inside of the ERP pair of particles within the  lambda/4 coding structure enter into a ERP single state based from the encoded particle's density matrix being reduced by P= {Coa}2 {0}{0} + {C1b}2{1} {1} that is encoded by Bob before the particle is transferred into a mixed quantum state when the particle approaches the "SWAP" gate that would were to be constructed from a series of  photonic "NOT" gates using quantum tunneling and the quantum dot as a  vector point between the particle teleportation when being transmitted to alice.

Another pioneer within quantum encryption and modular exponentiation would be the physicist of the Architecture of the "Shor Algorithm" for integer factorization  the computer scientist and mathematics professor of the Massachusetts institute of technology Peter Wilson Shor that is used within 300 qubit quantum simulation and the D-wave quantum computing system “Orion” that is used within an adiabatic 16 qubit superconducting quantum processor amongst the quasi-loops inside of its  micro-circuitry similar to the architecture of a node graph inside of a  7 qubit Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Quantum Computer that uses the hamlitonian matrix to calculate the thermal equilibrium of  the particle's nuclei during a half spin inside of the  qubit's density matrix during the  molecular tumbling of the particle's isotope when the particle spin rate is split in half and divides  the bit pairs using the  principals of quantum control and zeeman splitting  (zeeman effect developed by physicist Pieter Zeeman in 1902 showcasing the studies of particle splitting with the particle's dipole movement inside of a plasma or electromagnetic field inside of a spectral line during a angular moment of the axis rotation of the nucleus inside of a particle when the particle is in a quantum state) . The processing recognitive functionalities of a quantum computer also had root within the work of physicist Richard Feynman with his studies on quantum electrodynamics and quark theory with its adjudication of quantum computing using the microstructure of Ion strings and how the encoded ions can reach a superposition based from the interaction of the atoms and protons generated by the attraction of the electron repulsion inside of a quantum logic gate that traps the atoms and acts as qubit quantum memory processor. the exponentional  value of the trapped N-ions such as the variable calculation of 2N (2^5= 32  2^ 10=1034  2^50= 1,125,899,906,842, 624 2^100= 1,267,650,600,228,229,401, 496,703,205,376) which trapped ions inside of a qubit can become encoded as a photon based from the quantization properties of a liner optic transformation using the Hamilton matrix (e/uc^+ d-cd+ l 1 }a l 0 }b l 1}c l 0}d =e^-tan ucd+ {cos u^a}c^+c-d^+d /e^tan uc^+d  l 1} a l 0}b l 1} c l 1} d =cos u^ a  l 1} a l 0 }b l 1} c l 0}= -l 1} a l 0} b l 0} c l 1 } d  hat is brought by polarization rotors and phase shifting between  the orthogonal A and B acts as polarization nodes for the controlled Qubit when  defining the Cross-Kerr effect formula  inside of the Hamilton matrix using  (H^Ckeer= ╥   /2  a^ + a (c^+d -cd+) ) and C and D act as annihilation operators inside of the hadamard and NOT gates that acts a harmonic oscillator within processing image and pattern recognition into an algorithm  using quantum parallelism to process the unit cells and pixilation for example a 8 x 8  black and white square with an 32 X 20 array using photons to process the absorptive and reflective parallel line geometry within binary optimization.
Superconducting electrons in a cryogenic environment, Josephson Junctions the processing capacity of a silicon chip and software of a quantum computer, The conventional  nano-photonic structure of a silicon chip that is used within quantum/micro processing, plasmonics and quantum key distribution by using photonic qubits as informational carriers for both photon-pair manipulation and entanglement using a "SOI" Silicon-on-Insulator material amongst the bulk of the  Si-Mosfet (Silicon Metal Oxidate semiconductor  field effect transistor) that acts as a wave guide when transmitting terahertz microwave signals to the chips connectors while having the qubit retrain it's quantum state when transferring to each nano-photonic connecter within a span of 100 microseconds amongst the chip's micro-ring's (containing about 5 -um radius and 400psi in measurement) photon detectors that absorbs the photons that are being transferred between the LC and RLC circuits using an electrical harmonic variable compactor to modulate the optical communication of quantum information between the LC and RLC circuits using ▲n=-00.1 as the index change among the photon absorption changes of the pump pluses around micro-ring through the probe input and output signals within the chip's micro-ring's nanocavities ▲n^NL= 21pump/▲a^NL=BTPA^nlpump. but of course the silicon chip has been surpassed by Niobium chips and the 28/128/512 adiabatic qubit chips that operates at a high efficiency with transmitting data faster than the silicon chop without draining the computers reserves where the Niobium chip operates within a speed of 6GHZ and consist of 1600 Josephson junctions and transmits up to 60 billion gigabits per second while the circuitry acts as a superconducting microprocessor

The Josephson effect or the Joseph junction was originally developed by Brain David Josephson in 1962 with converting a current of electrons inside of a non-conducting layers of metal and alloy  between two thin layer superconducting ceramic materials with no additional voltage added to the layers while the non-conducting layers can cooled around 20 degrees kelvin/nanokelvin or around the absolute zero mark to have the metal reach a  macroscopic phase transition once it reaches a critical temperature (using a  phase gradient to describe the phase transition of the electron  j= N8e /2m^ φ using N as the number of electrons ) causing a repulsion effect with the electron particle's, causing the electron's to interact with the ionic lattice compounds of the cooled metal after the crystal structure of the lattice compound receives a positive charge when the electron are in low energy state creating a energy gap between the temporal oscillations of the electron's particle phase transition to cause the electrons to tunnel through superconducting material that used when creating Magnetic flux/rapid single flux quantum effects within quantum chips and "SQUID" Magnetometers to determine the equilibrium of the particle's thermal fluctuations within the material to detect miniature magnetic fields when the metal is an a meta-stable state due to the cryogenic temperatures that is used within the Qubit gigahertz processing capacity of a quantum chip when a sending a probe microwave signal that is used unitary quantum-lattice based algorithms and cryptography to simulate a Bose-Einstein condensate with the encodes qubits from the chip. that was originally developed in 1996 when showing the usage of lattice based mathematical compounds to encoded algorithms and homeomorphic encryptions

The Architecture of the Quantum Computing software and applications that is used to help run simulation protocols and processing speed that is used to solve prime factorization using exponential parallelism and matrix multiplication when calculating the swap aptitudes of unitary matrices of the qubits inside of the algorithm while  being processed when creating a spectral decomposition into a diagonalizable matrix with using the quantum dot as an anchoring entanglement point for the qubit's eigenvalues using the Cosine-Sine and Cayley-Hamilton decomposition theorem when the Bell pair goes into a phase shift inside of isomorphism of Two Qubit’s matrice structure with exponentiating the qubits into digits. but normally if there is a complicated decomposition for a computer to compute into an encoding algorithm it would be incapable of doing so. Which many of the programming inside of the software uses the principals of the Dirac notation for modularizing the source program using syntax, lexical and semantic analysis  to tokenize the algorithm strings which the data reaches the QCC (Quantum Computer Compiler) for the code generating process for error correction.
Quantum Computing compatibles to human neurobiology and cell structure.
The Relations between the quantum computer, the neurological processing abilities and the cytoarchitectural structure of the human brain has been synonymous for research and development with duplicating that functionality into cybernetics and robotics. The informational processing of the stimulus of thought can range to around 300 to 500 milliseconds based from neuron communication using the dorsal ("where?"system) and ventral ("what?" system)  pathways between the sub-cortical, inferior temporal cortex and neocortex areas such as the singulate gyrus, isthmus, and thalamus that are beneath of the corpus callosum of the pre frontal sections of the cerebral cortex with ranging neuroactivity of 50-100 ms with processing the environmental surrounding such as the phonon particles of  coloration and light refraction though the suprachiasmatic nucleus of the corpus callousm's brodmann areas  that manages the melatonin levels and the Circadain rhythm of the brain's time perception during its active and sleeping phases with the superachiasmastic nucleus processes about 20,000 neurons for image processing. But the conundrum is how can a human brain exhibit any microscopic quantum behavioral patterns and how is the brain similar to a quantum computer's atomic structure? The brain holds similarities of experiencing a biological like decoherence within the higher brain’s functionalities depending on the thermal temperatures of the tissue structure(that were to exceed the temperatures -300 kelvin inside of the brain's Microtubule  that manages the centrosomes and basal bodies that is consisted of motor proteins such as kinsein and dynein within the microtubule's substructure)of the mid-brain that acts as its own respective satellite when housing the brain's consciousness and other sensory functions that each section. And another similarity can be noted about how the brain shares it's simulates with nerve impulses inside of the Microtubles though the membranes proteins of the co-enzyme" Adenosine-5 triphosphate " (ATP) that act as a light harvesting protein Carotenoids and transfers electrons and other pigmentation absorbed by light particles using a singlet exciton energy transfer to the phototropic bacteria "Bacteriochlorophyll" that is studied by Quantum DNA simulation and DNA computation with calculating the particles kinect velocity inside of the mutli- component protein pigment assemblies inside of the bacteria using Visual Molecular Dynamics "VMD" programs to run simulations of the enzyme's helix strand structures to how a quantum computer would process the qubits that oscillates at similar wavelengths to neural spike patterns, which makes the microtubles a network of quantum computation between the Chla (Chlamydomonas-reinhardtii ) and flagella pathways inside of the Adenonsine-5 triphosphate structure of the microtubules

Another development within quantum computing is the development of a headband that consist intracranial  nanowires to harness the neurological processing abilities of the brain into a biological computing interface/Brain computer interface or "BCI" that consist of an microthread electrospun carbon based fiber, the headband's electrodes magnetizes and entangles the electron particles inside glucose content of the cerebro-spinal fluid and the microglia cells near the spinal cord and brain tissue with using the brain's axon speed as the processing source of the headband that were to come from the dielectric properties of the myelin inside of the axon structure of the white matter of the brain. With this headband it becomes possible for the brain to interact with other users of this headband or other technological appliances or even to operate prosthetic limbs, with using the 64X64 glucose fuel cells as a superconducting material

-           To be continue…

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| Tunneling – Information - Transferring |

Tunneling & Information

Description of Quantum Tunneling;

|| What is Quantum Tunneling?
 Quantum tunneling is a term within Quantum mechanics to describe the phenomena of when a particle passes though a potential finite barrier (Ea energy barrier)that the particle would not have the sufficient kinetic velocity that would come from barrowed momentum that is expressed with the constant (∆/E) (delta/changing in distance or velocity)that is necessary to cross over the axis of the height of the confining barrier normally, but instead exhibits behavior similar to a wavelength with the particle having the probability of being detected on the other side of the barrier that the particle tunnels through using each points of the entry and exit as respective reservoir points on both sides of the potential barrier using those reservoir points of the barrier as a form of linear polarization with the particle having the equivalent electric energy that is comparable to the  barrier's encompassing electric-volt energy inside of its energy wall and barrier Length which the particle reaches a transmission coefficient that is necessary to penetrate the finite barrier this process of "wave-function" or "eigen-functions" that the particle's behavior exhibits is described by physicist Erwin Schrodinger and his concept that was purposed  within the year of 1935 that was known as "Schrodinger's cat" to explain when a physical system (particle) can enter a into a Quantum superposition to be able predict the possible outcomes of when a subatomic atom is trapped inside of confining mass without experiencing decay.

Erwin Schrodinger's equations of delta function potential wells  and barriers (-h2/2m a2/ar2 u/ (r)=  E u/(r) ) (a2/ar2 u/ (r) = -2mE/h2 u/ (r) =-k2 u/ (r)

Erwin Schrodinger's equations of partial derivatives inside of wave-function
th2/2m a2 Ψ(x,t)/ax2 + U(x)Ψ(x,t) =ith 2Ψ (x,t)/A=aT

Quantum tunneling in organic chemistry
 Now that we know the basis of Quantum tunneling let's take a look within hydrogen tunneling and the intramolecular hydrogen atom transferring process within the cellular respiration of enzymes and gases in organic compounds.  a hydrogen atom transfer between one compound and another begins when the hydrogen atoms inside of the monosaccharide of a carbohydrate begins to oxidate and accelerate during the transfer process while the reducing agents such as Nicotinamie adeine dinuleotide (NAD+) Flavin adeine dinuleotide (FAD) polymerize during the Kreb's cycle or the tricarbioloxic cycle which is the process of accelerating the carbohydrates inside of gliosis forming the reducing agents of Nicotinamie adeine dinuleotide dehydrogense (NADH) and (FADH2) which becomes an electron accepter during the polymerization of the  reducing agents acts as a terminal enzyme inside of the complex of the cytochrome enzyme which is also used during an electron atom transferring process, which the agents (NADH) and (FADH2) become part of the cytochrome's respiratory chains. The hydrogen atoms inside of the reducing agents are deposited inside of the cytomchrome's transport chain and the agents (NADH) and (FADH2) become oxidated and the particle can polymerize with gases such as oxygen and becomes H2O

How is quantum tunneling evolved within this process?
 When the hydrogen particle is being accelerated though the kreb’s cycle after the reducing agents from the glyoisis has been polymerized the orbital momentum of the neutron begins to spin inside of the nucleus of the isotope (deterium)of the hydrogen atom which begins to create a molecular vibrational state utilizing the plank constant of speed and velocity inside of the enzymes "matter chain" or the "De Broglie wavelength" that was purposed by the physicist Louis de Broglie within 1924 about the kinetic energy of a particle and was soon adapted by Erwin Schrodinger's of the equation of matter and the hydrogen atom itself in the year of 1933 and the reaction path acting as an enzyme catalysis/enzyme catalytic power for the transition state within particle tunneling while the increasing thermal temperatures escalate between a kinetic velocity of 5 to 77 K per millisecond (Bose-Einstein condensate)during the oxidation process of the cytpochrome which normally this process would allow for the particle to jump over the activation barrier inside of the enzyme, but depending on the temperatures of the environment then enzyme is in for example if the enzyme was frozen at cryogenic temptures which cools the deterium isotope or causes it to crysalize and slows the veloctiy of the particle spin inside of the nucleus the particle would not have the sufficient velocity to cross over the activation barrier. in this instance the particle will go into a degenerate ground state or quantum annealing (manufactured particle spin) while the trapping potential of the particle wave-function expressed with the constant V(r) the particle begins to rotate into a vortex to tunnel though the barrier if the linear pathway is narrow and if the barrier is of a higher temperature of the particle, which will cause the enzyme to eject the particle during the kreb cycle reaction

Semiconductor Hetro-structures & Quantum effects in Hetro-structures in Quantum Tunneling
We will first focus on the quantum hetro-structures of quantum tunneling with the electron particle and what a quantum hetro-structure is for example. A quantum hetro-structure is a subtract of the original hetro-structure which are series of layered materials of different properties stacked upon one another such as aluminium gallium arenside/gallium arenside which is a ferroelectric semiconducting material which electrically absorbs the atoms inside of the polar planes in the process of quantum entanglement inside of the hetro-structures and charges the electrons though a electromagnetic current that travels though the aluminum nano-structure utilizing the nano-structure as axis points for the direction of the electron polarization though the tunneling junctions inside of the aluminum gallium arenside utilizing the principals for "Fowler–Nordheim tunneling and field emission"  that was purposed by the physicists Ralph Howard Fawler and Lothar Wolfgang Nordheim in the year 1928 about how a electron can tunnel though a tringular energy barrier using wave-function and the semiconducting material such as the aluminum arenside while inside of a strong electric flied which would be demonstrated with the Fawler-Nordheim formula for electron tunneling density see this link here (

Quantum Tunneling in nuclear fusion and solar hetrostructures:
For an example of quantum tunneling within solar hetro-structures we will use the UNSM PERL c-si and Sayno HIT solar cells and the photovoltaic structuralization inside of the hetrojunction of these cells. Quantum tunneling begins when the particles inside of the hydrogenerated silicon solar cells begins to experience a recombinative velocity by doping diffusion (formula for doping profiles AC{x,t}/At=D A2c{x,t}/Ax2) this process of doping diffusion is to redistribute the atoms inside of the semiconducting materials of a hetrostrcure such as Silicon, Germanium, aluminium Antimondie, Gallium Aresnoide, Gallium phospheride, Indium Arenside, Indium phosperide and Indium Antimondie when the doping agents (Boron,Alliuminum,Gallium,Indium,Phophorus,Aresnic,Antimony,Bismuth,Copper,Lithum,Sodium,Potassium,Hydrogen and Helium) inside of the flims of the hetrostrure into a gas based structure with the temperatures ranging from 150% C from the I-layer of the heterostrucure and 200 % C for the n-layer created a chemical process known as chemical vapor deposition which is used for micro-waving plasma inside of materials. this process of chemical vapor deposition causes the hetro-structure layers to experience surface diffusion when the adatomic clusters become isolated from increasing temperatures and magnetization curves of the photovoltaic cells as the I-layers becomes oxidated the temperatures of the lattice inside of the adatomic clusters causes the equilibrium of the cluster to vibrate as described by the physicist Ludwig Boltzmann with the constant R divided by the Avogadro constant  NA by physicist Amedo Avogadro when the creating the constant of K=R/na to explain the microscopic relationship between the adatomic particle's vibration, pressure and the absolute temperature in mobile diffusion which the formula constant (R=ve-Ediff/kbt) explains when the particle jumps or hops when layers the I and N layers have low particle mass

Formula for tunneling jump
R tun=2w/3/2 2Ea/hw exp(2Ea/thw)

Nuclear fusion
The conceptualization of nuclear fusion was highlighted within the 1940's with both the successes of nuclear transmutation by physicist Ernest Rutherford and fusion of hydrogen isotopes by Mark Olipant which is applied into military research with the deployment of the hydrogen-bomb "ivy mike" on November 1 1952. the hydrogen bomb's schematics and materials are a phenomena within nuclear fusion such as the reactive properties of the polyethylene casing, the Uranium-238 fission booster and the TX-5 fission bomb around the plutonium -239 core sphere containing the metals of beryllium and polonium which under intense stress caused by raising temperatures and velocity of the thermal neurons inside of the tx5 fission bomb splits the nucleus of polonium and causes the promium to eject alpha particles into the atomic structure of the berylium while the neutron inside of the alpha particle contains about 3.27 MeV of energy while the proton inside of the alpha particle contains a energy of 4.03 MeV as it heats the fusing deuterons that is being compressed around the uranium-238 fission booster as it causes the compressed deuterium plasma to push pass the barriers created by electrostatic repulsion while the tritium nucleus polymerizes with the deuterium isotope to form a alpha particle containing a energy of 17.59 MeV while the deuterium isotopes inside of the nucleus of the plasma creates a heavy helium isotope. Another example of nuclear fusion occurs inside of the formation of the sun's core itself (the sun's core contains a compacted density of 151,300 kilograms) this formation occurs due to the ionization of methane gas of core reaches a temperature of 15.6 million Kelvin or (1.56X10 7 or utilizing the Stefan-Boltzmann constant of o=5.670 x 10 -8 j m-2 k-1 s-1 with the sun's radius constant R=6.955 x 10 8 meters creating the formula solution of Te={L/4R2}1/4=5780 kelvin while the boltzman law can also apply for other stars and while the protons inside of the core must be heated and have the appropriate velocity to counteract the gravitational composition from the mass of the sun which the gravitational thermal energy of the sun can be expressed with the formula of T= 3/2Tc=GMpM/R being the gravitational energy and the mass of the protons being mp=1.6726 x 10 - 27 with the solving formula being Tc=2Gmp M/3kR=1.56 x 107 kelvin ) which causes the hydrogen particles to burn to create the compounds of helium (named after the greek god Helios by Norman lockyer) which quantum tunneling occurs within this reaction process utilizes electric potential energy from the notion of coulomb's law within inverse physics of electrostatic repulsion by Charles-Augustin De Coulomb in 1785 with the formula of barrier penetration from the projectile neucli Vl (r)= Vn(r) + Vc(r) +th2 l ( l+1)/2ur2=Vo(r)+th2 l ( l+1)/  T l (E) = {1 +exp (2Se(E))}-1 and the formula for the penetration integral  Se(E)2u/th2 {r2l/r1l  dr {Vo(r)+th2  l (l+1)/ 2ur2-E ] -1/2 formula for wave potential barrier Vo(r) =V Bo -1/2u 2(omega)2 (r-r o)2/ To(E)={1+exp{2/th(omega)(E-V Bo} -1

Hawking Radiation/Quantum tunneling in black holes
We will first cover the realms of Quantum tunneling inside of black holes which stephen hawking showed the radius inside of thermal equilibrium of a black body will never decrease in size and that the black hole contains an entropy amongst the tidal gravity of the black holes horizon (formula for horizon's geometrical points or Schwarzschild radius ds2= - {1-rs/r}dt2+[1-rs/r}-1dr2+r2 do2} ) (formula for Kruskal-Szekeres metric rK +tK =2e{R+t}2/rK-tK=2e{R-t}2)which the black body's emissivity would  absorb  the encompassing electromagnetism that would come from phonons ( light particles) and antiparticles  that were to enter the radius of the black holes horizon being inversely proportional to the black holes mass as the thermal energy increases as the mass of the black hole decreases the trapped quark orbital oscillations inside of the magnetic flied of the gravitational red-shift  exhibits negative ionic charges while the phonons receive a positive ionic charge during the quantization intervals that effects the trajectory of the encompassing mass that is received with a positive ionic charge creating a stochastic fluctuation of phonons resulting in linear particle acceleration which during the transmission process of the particle accleration(x2-T2=1/a2)  utilizing the Minokowski coordinates the pinpoints the axis of the phonon's acceleration. the phonon travels at the speed of light being 299,792.458 kilometers per second that is necessary to escape the black hole which is supported with Newton's formula of escape velocity with the constant of  G=6.67  X 10 - 11 . Many other physicists have theorized that quantum tunneling is involved in Hawking's radiation theory of how a particle can escape a black hole and the hyperbolic properties of the Unruh effect. while it is imagined that when a pair of subatomic particles are formulated on the outside of the black holes horizon the pair of particles goes though a multiplicity state that is caused by the tidal gravity of the Unruh radiation as the particle that has exhibit the positive ionic charges tunnels though the gravitational barrier of the black holes event horizon causing the particle to tunnel backwards

Rectangular barriers
Unlike the traditional barrier within quantum tunneling the Rectangular barrier utilizes a reflection coefficient along with the standard transmission coefficient from one-dimensional particle tunneling  of when a particle enters into a superposition and becomes a wavelength the reflection coefficient transmits the wave-vector of the particle into either a free state, scattering state or a bound state when it approaches the quantum curb of the barrier, when the particle becomes magnetically trapped  inside of a Bose-condensate such as how cold thermal temperatures can be trapped inside of an alkali adatomic compounds the particle can obtain a superposition known as a "bare state" in which the atomic nuclei utilizes the "Coulomb energy shift" which the molecules inside of the nuclei begins to spin or orbit outside of the shell of the neuceli creating a quasiparticle (radical matrix element of quasiparticle {^n1/1ur/un2/2})  the quasimomentum of which utilizing the constants of the de broglie wavelength the quasiparticle can tunnel though the adjacent walls using the axis points of the rectangular geometry of the barrier as anchoring semiconductors to guide the quasiparticle though the barrier

Triangular barriers
With the geometry of the triangular barrier is compatible with that of an electron and opto-electronic particle while tunneling which can be indicated with the quantum dot that is also used within nano-electronics. The quantum dot acts as an energy profile  during the electron tunneling junection though barrier while quantum dot mass iis used as an  insulator  from  distances of  axis  points  entry an " exit  inside  confinement structure  process doping diffusion particles along  has  not exhibted negative kinetic voltage energy when the  semiconducting tunneling diodes on the oppositional ends of the quantum dot transmits the wave-function of the electron after the subatomic structure has been configured when tunneling though the triangular barrier. Triangular barriers also quasi-perdiodic  based structure that  can formulate with a rectangular barrier to create a multi-barrier, with multi-barrier tunneling or double barrier penetration the electron's transition states is dependent on the height and the width of the barriers that is theorized by the physicist Thomas Hartman that when a particle tunnels through a larger barrier that acts as a prism for the transmission coefficient of the particle transition, the particle will travel across the gap which while the virtual  particles can travel across the barrier gap at the speed of light. the particle will tunneling though the gap when the wave-function is being transmitted between one part of the barrier of the gap and the other which this would be known as the "Hartman effect" which was purposed in 1962

Trapezoidal barriers 
We will discuss on how particle tunneling occurs inside of trapezoidal barriers in graphene based insulators. particle tunneling inside of a trapezoidal barrier parameter (obtained by exploiting the parameters of a normal barrier potential Uo(x)+Ui(x) when measuring the geometry of the  parameter of the trapezoidal barrier being Uo(x)-Ui(x)) when the particle is penetrating the through the density of the barrier utilizing a scale factor to determine the particle's spin control through the quantum dot's bandgap which the energy-shifts and oscillations acts as a tunneling switching device or a quantum well when molecular beam epitaxy is introduced in the hetero-structure of the barrier when the particle's wave-function is being transported by a valance bond inside of the trapezoidal barrier when tunneling. When a particle is tunneling inside of the mono-layers of graphene the bandgap inside of the graphene exhibits magneto inductive based properties when it's electric field which begins to  quantize and absorb electrons inside of the trapezoidal barrier when the temperatures of the metal or a lower percentage then the width of the bandgap would affect the electron's velocity and momentum inside of the free charge carriers in the hetro-structure of the graphene, while the hetero-structure contains a hexagonal based crystalline compound known as Boron nitride, which the boron nitrides density is thin and acts as a stepping stone for the electron to tunnel through the trapezoidal barrier

What is Quantum Information?
Quantum information was founded by Claudie Shannon's theorem of a signal containing qubits can be compressed to the length of nHx(X)+ o (n) while the original signal still retains the probability of being transmitted from the sender and receiver arcs of signal transmission within the year of 1948. This is utilized within data compression in quantum computing, quantum mechanics and within quantum tunneling on how a particle can enter into a superposition through a "noiseless" protocol during the transfer of the qubits which is utilized the Dirac Notation that was introduced in 1939 by Paul Dirac. This notation aided in the possibility of how linear functional can act as a vector when transferring information that is used with quantum lambda calculus in quantum computation.

Photonic crystals
Photonic crystals acts as wavelength reflectors inside of the  Nitrogen-vacancy center of the diamond while utilizing the properties of quantum electrodynamics for entangling atoms and protons inside of the nano-cavities of the diamond within quantum information processing, while the atoms and protons are entangled the particle exhibits a magneto-electronic based property known as spintronics inside of the nano-cavity structure in the fluorescent center of the membrane of the diamond which goes into a form of dielectric material-manpluation during atoms/protons polarized spin while the diaelectric material can absorb the fluctuation of light-pulses that travels through the optical properties of the diamond within a femto-second while the atoms/protons exhibits rabi oscillations inside of the magneto-electronic field. These rabi oscillations occur when the atom becomes embedded inside of the photonic crystal structure's bandgap which acts as a semiconducting super-lattice which causes the rabi frequencies to oscillations at a high speed

Quantum computing
Quantum computation is based off the work of integer factorization, algorithm mathematics and cryptanalysis that was purposed by Charles Babbage and engernied into the first computer system by Konad Zuse in 1941. Within Quantum computation utilizes the quantic structures of the qubit within a programming language that begins with the logical state of 0 and 1 while the qubit can obtain a superposition though quantum parallelism  when the data fluctuation is being transferred between processor and another as the pair of qubits inside of the data information can be divided by the Boolean logic gates which acts as an electronic switch  which was recognized by Richard Feynman when he saw that when 500 qubits can enter into a quantum super-position being of 2/500 states which is used within radio waves.

Bloch sphere
The bloch sphere is a isometric geometrical representation of a pure state containing a set of convex states that acts as of a one-dimensional density matrix projector in the state space of the qubit which allows for a qubit to enter into a quantum superposition inside of the sphere's ket vectors which the coefficient is represented as (u/) =cos0 {0}+eio/ sin 0 {1} while each of the polar coordinates  and half angles inside of the bloch sphere can represent as R= sin 20/ X cos 0/ Y= sin 20/ X sin 0/ z=cos 20 which would make a pure state orthogonal in nature when utilizing Hilbert space and the hadamard matrix, as the surface of the bloch sphere effects the polarization process of particles during entanglement.

As we discussing a lot about information that it is not depend on time, place, space and so these parameters are meaningless for information.
Now study all formulas of energy, from E = mc^2 of Relativity to quantum formulas.
(That read before in this essay.)
There is no also independent definition for energy. We study it as parameter after coordinates and mass and sometimes. Whether in classical scale or tiny scales or relativistic, energy is depend on these spatial parameters. So information can do tunneling through all potential barrier in all frames. To do this we should just change algorithm of storing and protocol of communication.
(That it s happening nowadays in lots of lab.)


First it is superposition between bits that occurs as communication with minimum of data transferring then Entanglement that can transfer data about all features and properties of system A to system B. It is time to ensemble copy of A in coordinates of B or completely move A to B place.
Cause Potential Barrier is meaningless for Information.